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Download the brand new single "Beach Bar" on iTunes HERE




Download the What You Work For EP on iTunes HERE



Track List:

1. What You Work For

2. Silver Tags

3. Making More Rain

4. Still In The Fight (Acoustic)

5. Going Ugly Early


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Still in the Fight (Digital Single) on iTunes HERE






Still In the Fight - Single - Mike Corrado


Victory Lane (Digital Single)


Victory Lane - Single - Mike Corrado


2010: Mike Corrado - Stand (EP) on iTunes HERE



Track List:

1. Stand

2. Lucky One

3. I'm Not Dreaming

4. Bottle of Sunshine


Stand - EP - Mike Corrado


2008: Mike Corrado - Start Saving Me




Track List:

1. Me, Myself & I

2. Start Saving Me

3. The Better Part Of Me

4. Her Love

5. Not Your Man

6. Can't Wait

7. Cut Me Loose

8. last Tear

9. The Ride

10. I Still Believe

11. I'm Willing



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-or download 

Start Saving Me - Mike Corrado


2005: Mike Corrado - Falling Awake



Track List:

1. Sometimes it rains

2. Three Words (You Were Right)

3. On My Watch Tonight (Featuring Edwin McCain)

4. Only Human

5. One Day

6. Damn

7. Get By

8. King Of The World

9. Stick Around

10. Strut

11. Free To Good Home


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-or download

Falling Awake - Mike Corrado



2003: Mike Corrado Band, live at Thalian Hall (Concert DVD)


Mike Corrado Band - Live at Thalian Hall is now available on iTunes and other major download sites.  This show was filmed in 2003 shortly after Mike was called back to Active Duty causing the band to take a hiatus.  This concert was previously only available as a live DVD concert.  Now, the soundtrack to that show is available including classic MCB songs and extended jams from many of the original members: Mike, Lamont, Adrian, Tommy, Joe & Kent. Order Concert DVD through Paypal here:



or download the soundtrack


Live At Thalian Hall - Mike Corrado Band

2001: Mike Corrado Band - Ziller and the Baboon


order physical CD through Paypal here:  


Ziller and the Baboon - Mike Corrado Band


1999: Mike Corrado Band - Shake'em (live album)


order physical CD through Paypal here: 


Shake'em (live) - Mike Corrado Band


1998: Mike Corrado Band - Spinning Your World Upside Down (Download Only)

Spinning Your World Upside Down - Mike Corrado Band


1996: Mike Corrado Band -Mike Corrado Band (EP) (Download Only)

Mike Corrado Band - Mike Corrado Band

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